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What Our Ottawa-area Patients are Saying

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Ottawa Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email us or contact our Ottawa office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Daniel Farrell & Dr. Kathryn Flaherty

“Staff is excellent! I am seen right away and have everything explained to me that will be done that day. I came in with severe neck and back pain and not able to move my neck, the treatment has been amazing. Each day keeps getting better. Very happy with my progress!”
“Excellent experience. Love the challenge of being an active participant in my care!”
“Very welcoming staff and excellent communication.”
“While I was anxious about finding a new practitioner, I am so grateful to have found Ottawa Chiropractic. Dr. Farrell put me at ease and explained everything to me before any procedures were done. He has helped me to regain my strength and energy by getting my back into great shape.”
“Very willing to work with me and flexible considering I was previously under different care.”
“I was very apprehensive and nervous about chiropractic care. During my first visit, Dr. Flaherty put me at ease and explained the process with me thoroughly. I look forward to all my future appointments!”
“It is so nice to go to a medical professional that realizes that my time is just as important as his and keeps his schedule on time! Thank you!”
“Both visits I have had have left a great impression. I’m very hopeful that I’ll get the help I need to correct the pain and issues I have been having.”
“Very well taken care of, Dr. Flaherty is good at what she does and very easy to talk with. Good communication skills.”
“I was instilled with a certain level of comfort after having Dr. Flaherty explain the how’s and whys of my back pain. Very knowledgeable and effective!”
“Doctor was great! Made things easy to understand.”
“For years I had been hesitant to return to Chiropractic treatment. My back had really been bothering me, so I decided to call [Ottawa] Chiropractic. I expressed my past experience with chiropractic treatment, and learned that there was another form of treatment, the Palmer Method. I began treatment and was amazed how quickly my pain subsided and I was able to return to normal activity. Dr. Farrell was very knowledgeable and explained every aspect of my treatment. I came to understand what was happening and how to take better care of my back. I appreciated the kindness of the office staff and the concern that was shown to me while I was under treatment.”
“I received almost immediate relief, whatever my problem – I responded quickly to treatment”
“I was unable to function normally for 5 days until I saw Dr. Farrell. Then with treatment, things got better. I could walk ect. The use of pain pills decreased drastically!”
“I use to think they bent you around and “crunched you” until things popped back into shape. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to learn this was all hearsay. The methods are simple, relaxing, and gradual. Just what you want when you are in pain.”
“I have learned a great deal about chiropractic since I have come to see you, and look forward to continued wellness and education.”
“I feel my overall health has really improved since I began my chiropractic care. It has really made a difference in how I feel! Thank you so much!”
“I am thoroughly satisfied regarding my care at [Ottawa] Chiropractic. I was impressed with how quickly I saw improvements in how I felt. Prior to my first visit, I didn’t really understand much about chiropractic care and now I see it as something that has significantly improved my quality of life.”
“You do a great job, and the clinic is very nice. You will always have my deep appreciation for the emergency treatment you gave me.”
“Service and attention has been excellent. I can’t think of any changes that would improve the care I’m currently receiving…I’m happy/lucky to have found you. Thank you!”
“I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Farrell and the results achieved thus far.”