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Ottawa Chiropractor | Dr. Daniel Farrell

I was looking for a profession that would allow me to help others.

As I walked into the lecture hall for my 7:30 am class (Neurology 101), I had yet to receive one chiropractic adjustment. I knew very little of the “science” of chiropractic. In fact, I didn’t think of chiropractic as being very “scientific” at all.

Unlike many of my classmates, I wasn’t from a family of chiropractors; nor did I experience a miraculous cure that I could attribute to chiropractic. When I found chiropractic, I was looking for a profession that would allow me to help others. I had thought of studying medicine, but I did not want to rely on drugs or invasive surgery as my only methods of treatment.

I initially chose Palmer College of Chiropractic based on geographical convenience. However, it was during that first lecture that I realized the enormous impact chiropractic was having on the world. I was surrounded by people whose lives had been transformed by the benefits of the chiropractic adjustment. People who had suffered debilitating illnesses or injuries were now living pain-free, healthy lives. These weren’t case studies or research subjects. These were my classmates, professors, and their families. Not only had chiropractic successfully treated their complaints, but it had improved their quality of life in ways they previously though unimaginable.. I was sold!

Chiropractic is Getting Results for Ottawa Families

When I began my practice in Ottawa, I wanted to bring the enthusiasm that surrounded me in Davenport. This office is designed to do just that. Here patients will realize that chiropractic is not something you need to “believe in” in order for it to work. It is a specific science with very real results that millions have come to know.

Outside of the clinic in Ottawa, I have a family that keeps me pretty busy. My wife, Molly, is a fourth grade teacher at McKinley grade school in Ottawa. We have three children, Sean, Evan, and Lydia. They keep us busy every day, and remind us of what is important in life.

Dr. Daniel Farrell

Dr. Daniel Farrell

In my spare time I love to play guitar or piano. I’ve played guitar for about 20 years, but the piano is a relatively new endeavor. Music has always been a passion of mine.

When it comes to my own health habits and practices, there are several things that I do to keep fit. Of course I receive regular chiropractic adjustments, as do most of my family and friends. I’ve learned over the years the that the body loves variety and moderation, both in diet and exercise. I try to exercise at least 30 minutes everyday. One day it may be walking; another it may be riding my bike or weight-lifting. Trying new forms of exercise or different healthy foods helps me to avoid getting bored with my daily routine, and continue on the road to wellness. Over the past 2 years I’ve taken on running as a new challenge. I love it! I thought for years that I shouldn’t run because it would cause too much damage to my joints. But after addressing my form and footwear, I’ve realized that most of us are really born to run.

The overuse of painkillers, antibiotics, and vaccines can have a devastating effect on the body, so I try to use them sparingly, and only when necessary and beneficial. If chiropractic has taught me anything, it is that the body is capable of doing far more than we give it credit for, especially when it is free of interference.

Enough about me! Thanks for visiting our site. I hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health goals. Give our Ottawa office a call or email me with the link below.

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